The Program

Our church music major benefits from an excellent and comprehensive general education program that provides a context that will help you develop the maturity and responsibility you’ll need to be a discerning church musician and to effectively teach and lead your congregation.

You’ll benefit from many resources unique to Dordt. Our Casavant organ is one of the largest in the Midwest, and the number of opportunities for participating in choral and instrumental ensembles is greater than at most colleges our size. Dordt graduates often have an advantage as they begin work in a church or in graduate school because they gain far more conducting time than students do in most other places. Having two conducting courses, small class sizes, and numerous ensembles in which to participate means you’ll receive a lot of individual attention and time on the podium.

Your musicianship will be solidly grounded by studies in music theory, music history, conducting, lessons, and ensembles, and your understanding of worship will be developed by studies in the theology and practices of worship. This preparation is essential to your service as a church musician. You’ll take: