Department Profile


The theatre arts department works out of a scripturally-based Reformed, Christian worldview in order to offer a curriculum leading to a major, and a co-curricular program which supports that curriculum and gives the communities we serve an opportunity to participate in our mission. To obey God’s will for creation and to serve others, the theatre arts department seeks to create and sustain an academic context in which faculty, students, and community may collaboratively explore and develop their artistic insights and gifts in the art of theatre.

Student Learning Objectives

Graduating students will be able to:

  1. Articulate in writing and demonstrate in practice a Reformed, Christian view of theatre arts.
  2. Explore, interpret, and evaluate the structure and history of theatre.
  3. Communicate (write, speak, design, direct, perform) clearly and effectively.
  4. Analyze and critique theatre’s role in contemporary culture.
  5. Practice theatre with a depth of skill and breadth of insight.

Program Strengths