You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown

Based On the Comic Strip "Peanuts" by Charles M. Schulz
Book, Music, and Lyrics by Clark Gesner

Fall 2000

A Student-Directed Production

Based on Charles Schulz's popular comic strip, this musical chronicles the events of a day in the life of Charlie Brown and the "Peanuts" gang. While I'm excited to celebrate the "Peanuts" comic strip and its 50 year anniversary, I'm also saddened to say good-bye to Charles Schulz (1922-2000), one of America's favorite cartoonists. Schulz's cherished characters of Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy, Linus, Schroeder, and Peppermint Patty have been worldwide household names for half a century, and their daily readership is believed to have been the most of any comic strip in the history of cartoons. They have warmed our hearts with their wit and charm and have made us chuckle at their lovable quirks. Who can't identify with Charlie Brown, that round-headed kid who tries to assume a perfect social image? Even though his baseball team always loses, Lucy always pulls the football away, and his kite never stays in the air, Charlie Brown triumphs because he realizes how quickly things can turn from bad to good. He never loses hope of success. When I conceptualized this production of You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown, I wanted to take Schulz's popular comic strip and bring it to life on stage. Perhaps these comic-book children hold some answers to the questions of love, life, and the pursuit of happiness that we face today. Enjoy this celebration of Charles M. Schulz, his "Peanuts," and the child in all of us.

Kim De Groot