Peer Gynt

by Henry Ibsen

Fall 1994

On a mountainside, Peer is digging for food. He has found an onion. As he strips away the layers of the onion, he names each one after the various identities he has tried out. Bur none of them last, and the onion had no core. As he ponders this, Solveig's voice comes to him. In a moment of dread he realizes that each layer of his life has been wasted. Solveig's voice is heard again, and the light from her hut reminds him of his last hope. As Peer appeals to her, he finally resolves to rake the narrow road for the first time in his life. His alter egos fade away, and at the last moment of the play he becomes truly himself. He realizes he doesn't have to give proof of his sins. he just has to accept forgiveness. Peer is restored in Solveig's faith, hope, and love.

The Cast
Streaching for truth
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