Twelfth Night

by William Shakespeare

Spring, 2003

Shakespeare's Twelfth Night gets a new look when placed in the Old West of California after the gold rush. Some of the characters include: Orsino, "The Duke," the town sheriff; Olivia the daughter of a cattle baron, Sir Toby a failed prospector; Sir Andrew a tenderfoot from out East; Feste, the clown, a wandering poet/cowboy; Antonia, well, "she" is a wanted fugitive; and siblings Sebastian and Viola were just shipwrecked off the coast of California after a long voyage from the East coast.

Orsino's scenes take place in his favorite hang out, the "Leaping Stag Saloon," and Olivia's scenes are "back at the ranch." The cast and crew delighted the audience with this feast for the eye and ear. Sophomore student Ethan Koerner wrote original music for his poet/cowboy character of Feste. Thanks to a brilliant scene design by Simon du Toit and luscious costumes done by Esther Van Eek the production was a visual delight. Senior Theatre Arts majors Laura Groen and Jennifer Kenoyer gave excellent performances as Viola and Maria respectively in their final main stage appearance at Dordt.

The director of the production, April Hubbard, would like to say "YAHOO!" concerning her first directing assignment as a new faculty member at Dordt.

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