Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to come together each Wednesday morning when students are on campus to worship God together and to reflect as a Christian community on contemporary issues. These worship times include singing, prayer and reflections on Scripture. Chapel participation is encouraged for all students and employees.

Chapels are each Wednesday while students are on campus from 11-11:40 AM.

2013-14 Chapel Schedule

“The Gospel According To . . .”

A series of messages that critically examine what we put our hope and faith in as a nation, as a faith community, and as individuals.

Date Title Presenter Listen
08-28 “The Gospel According to . . . Me” Aaron Baart MP3 | Podcast
The Gospel we find when we go looking to the Bible for ideas that reinforce what we want to see, instead of what we need to see. The result: a Gospel made in our own image.
09-04 “The Gospel According to . . . Evangelical America” Aaron Baart MP3 | Podcast
The American church proclaims all kinds of messages—some intended and some accidental—messages that can both exemplify the Gospel and co-opt it (sometimes on the same Sunday).
09-11 “The Gospel According to . . . 9/11” Aaron Baart MP3 | Podcast
The regularity in usage of the term “post 9/11” implies significant shifts taking place because of the events that day. But what are the shifts and what are the messages implied within them?
09-18 “The Gospel According to . . . Moralistic Therapeutic Deism” Jason Lief MP3 | Podcast
In his book, Soul Searching: The Religious and Spiritual Lives of American Teenagers, Christian Smith coined the term Moral Therapeutic Deism to describe the faith of young people. What does he mean and how is the garbage collecting robot WALL-E the antidote?
09-25 “The Gospel According to . . . the Baby Boomers” Aaron Baart MP3 | Podcast
Each generation has its hopes and dreams. They play out in our values and practical life-decisions. So, what did the Baby-Boomers react against, create, and leave as legacy?
10-02 “The Gospel According to . . . Gen X” Aaron Baart MP3 | Podcast
With no world war or major global upheaval, why all the angst? What drives Gen Xers, their decision-making, and their impact on the world?
10-09 “The Gospel According to . . . Gen Y/Millennials” Aaron Baart MP3 | Podcast
College-age students today comprise this generation. What are their core values, life ambitions, and the message they are sending to the world?
10-18 “The Gospel According to . . . Pro Sports” Aaron Baart MP3 | Podcast
The landscape of professional sports has changed dramatically in the past couple of decades. What is at the root of America’s love-affair with pro sports and what does it say about us?
10-23 “The Gospel According to . . . Hollywood” Mark Volkers MP3 | Podcast
If a gospel is a “proclamation of good news,” what is Hollywood’s “good news”? Are there any connections between its gospel and ours?
10-30 “The Gospel According to . . . iCal” Aaron Baart MP3 | Podcast
What do our calendars proclaim about the gods we believe in, the values we dedicate time to, and the people we are becoming?
11-06 “The Gospel According to . . . the Global South” Aaron Baart MP3 | Podcast
The Gospel being lived and preached in the Global South is often very different than its American counterpart. But how and why is it different and what can we learn from it?
11-13 “The Gospel According to . . . Friday Night” Aaron Baart MP3 | Podcast
Our philosophy of work may best be exemplified, not in what we do for work, but in what we do when we aren’t working. What do our weekends say about our understanding of identity and our sense of calling?
11-20 “The Gospel According to . . . Consumerism” Neal De Roo MP3 | Podcast
We seem to think that the way to be happy is to get what we want. Is this a healthy pursuit of my God-given desires, or a recipe for a life in which everything is about me?
12-04 “The Gospel According to . . . Sioux County” Aaron Baart MP3 | Podcast
Le Mars, IA brags itself up as “Ice Cream Capital of the World”. But what would an honest (I mean, really honest!) sign say about Sioux County and what we’re living for?
12-11 “The Gospel According to . . . the Nativity” Theatre Dept.
Dordt Theatre faculty and students will present Nativity on the Square, a one act play by Tom Long. The secondary characters from a holiday nativity scene come to life seeking answers about the story that they depict.

"The Kingdom and The Cure"

An opening series on the nature and character of the Kingdom of God
A Lenten series walking through the major themes of the book, The Cure

Date Title Presenter Listen
01-15 Wolves, Snakes and Flying Things: Our Call to Discipleship Dr. Hoekstra MP3 | Podcast
01-22 Kingdom Essentials: Childlike Aaron Baart MP3 | Podcast
01-29 Kingdom Essentials: Incarnational Hugh Halter MP3 | Podcast
02-05 Kingdom Essentials: Receptive Aaron Baart MP3 | Podcast
02-12 Kingdom Essentials: Missional Aaron Baart MP3 | Podcast
02-19 Kingdom Essentials: Subversive Aaron Baart MP3 | Podcast
02-26 Kingdom Essentials: Hopeful Aaron Baart MP3 | Podcast
03-05 Two Roads John Lynch MP3 | Podcast
03-19 Two Faces Aaron Baart No recording
03-26 Two Gods Aaron Baart MP3 | Podcast
04-02 Two Solutions Aaron Baart MP3 | Podcast
04-09 Two Healings Aaron Baart MP3 | Podcast
04-16 Two Friends Tanner Smith MP3 | Podcast
04-18 Good Friday Service Aaron Baart MP3 | Podcast
04-23 Two Destinies Aaron Baart MP3 | Podcast
04-30 Senior Sending Aaron Baart MP3 | Podcast

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