Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to come together each Wednesday morning when students are on campus to worship God together and to reflect as a Christian community on contemporary issues. These worship times include singing, prayer and reflections on Scripture. Chapel participation is encouraged for all students and employees.

Chapels are each Wednesday while students are on campus from 11-11:40 AM.

2011-12 Chapel Schedule

Living a Greater Story

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Aug. 25

Opening Chapel: Celebrating the life of Brandon Oldenkamp

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A chapel to start the year paying particular attention to the loss of Brandon and the effects on our community. Serviced elements include a charge to the students from his father and testimonials and pictures from the hikers who were with Brandon. Focus will be placed on Brandon's loss but also how we wrestle with it.

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Sep. 1


This semester's theme is "story" and the opening chapel will ask the question, "If life is about finding your story inside of God's bigger one, is yours one worth reading?"

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Sep. 8


One of the hardest aspects of discipleship involves surrendering ourselves before God. We ask the question, "Who is really penning your story?"

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Sep. 15


Each of us struggles in life to accept who we really are and the events of our life that have shaped us. The question is then, "Why did God place you here?"

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Sep. 22


What happens when the direction we want our life to take is not the same as the one God is calling us to? Are there diverging plot lines? What now?

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Sep. 29


As strange as it sounds, we are not the central character even in our own story. So, what does it really mean to relinquish centrality to Jesus?

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Oct. 6


In every great story, characters develop, for better or worse. How do we gauge the development of our own character and how can we control some of the outcome?

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Oct. 13

Grace Notes

Dr. Hubbard will provide the message this week via a solo drama performance, taking on the role of a Biblical character in one of their movements of growth and transformation.

Oct. 20


Every story has an antagonist and so does ours. Satan manifests himself in so many obvious and subtle ways. Run and hide or stand and fight?

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Oct. 27


While no one ever asks for it in their own life, conflict is what makes a story worth reading. How do we respond? Embrace it? Fight it? What is the conflict really about?

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Nov. 3


Finding our story within God's story also means replacing the center of our story not only with Jesus Christ but also the central event of history. Implications?

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Nov. 10


Moving away from the climax of every story is a tying together of meaning and the ongoing implications for its characters. How does one live in light of what has happened?

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Nov. 17

Illustrating the Story

Clinton W. Lowin

Illustrations help tell a story more clearly and enable the readers to see the story as they read it. A good illustration adds as much information as the text. Illustrations can show things that are hard to describe in words. How do our lives illustrate the characteristics of the Kingdom of God?

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Dec. 1


Pastor John Lee

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Dec. 8

Ever After

To close, we examine not the earthly end to our story but the real end, the final end, Christ's end, which is now ours too.

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Room to Grow

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Jan. 12


The semester of chapels on spiritual formation starts off with an introduction to the subject and some live polling on how our campus grows and what we want to learn more about. The remaining chapel schedule will reflect these choices.

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Jan. 19


Before we can change we must want to change. So, how does one get one's heart to want what it really needs?

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Jan. 26

Visio Divina

The space we put ourselves in and what we look at when we're in it go a long way to determining what we experience. How can we use visuals in both art and Creation to help us see God?

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Feb. 2

Lectio Divina

Dr. Tom Wolthuis

Dr. Wolthuis will both teach us about and lead us through the ancient practice of praying the Scriptures.

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Feb. 9


When campus was asked what single discipline would bring about the greatest amount of transformation, nearly one-third of all respondents answered, "accountability." So, how do we practically apply this discipline to our faith formation?

Accountability relationships can be based on a single question as simple as, "Where did you or didn't you see in Christ in me today?" They can be based on providing support for a particular temptation or weakness we are trying to overcome (similar to a support-group). They can aid us in seeing ourselves more accurately by hearing feedback from others about how we present ourselves. Or they can simply be a matter of positive reinforcement to ensure we keep growing in our walk (e.g. "Have you been keeping up with your devotional and prayer times?") If you'd like more information or suggested questions to ask if you want to try an accountability discipline, check out the helpful links below from Dr. Richard J. Krejcir of Into Thy Word Ministries.

Accountability Questions   Understanding Accountability

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Feb. 16

The Day Metallica Came to Church

John Van Sloten

God is shaping us and speaking to us not merely in the overtly sacred, but in every corner of life. Pastor and cultural exegete John Van Sloten will share the message of his book, The Day Metallica Came to Church and help us see how more than just the Church is pointing us to Christ.

Original Sermon   Van Sloten's Church Website

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Feb. 23


Number two on campus' ranking of which discipline would change us the most was service. Now, how do we make this discipline a regular practice that allows our hands to keep pace with the head and heart transformation we experience as we grow in faith?

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Mar. 2


An examination of how writing down our soul's movements and telling our own life story allows us to move more fully into His.

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Mar. 9


Perhaps the most Biblically rooted historic Christian discipline is also the least understood and least practiced today. What really is the purpose of fasting and what are the practical ways we can do so today in a way that truly deepens our walk with Christ?

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Mar. 23

Silence and Solitude

In a world as hectic as ours is today, the need for silence and the ability to hear God's voice in the midst of so much noise is needed more than ever before. We'll examine how silence and solitude has been used historically to help grow God's people.

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Mar. 30

Dark Nights

Each of us pass through seasons in life when, despite our best efforts, God appears to be distant. John of the Cross called these times The Dark Night of the Soul. What is God's intention in these times and how is he shaping us by them?

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Apr. 6

Guest Speaker

Dr. Paul Mpindi

Dr. Mpindi is the French language minister for Back to God Ministries International. A passionate Gospel communicator and influential church leader on the African continent, Dr. Mpindi will share with the Dordt community in chapel.

Apr. 13

Spiritual Direction

The intergenerational nature of the body of Christ is a significant part of its interdependence. How do those more mature in the faith provide leadership and guidance to better understand our own growth and development?

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Apr. 20

Scripture Memorization

This discipline was picked last as the one believed by campus to spark the greatest change in us. What have we yet to understand about Scripture memorization as a means of transformation?

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Apr. 27


How did the idea of going on a journey some place ever become associated with the potential for growth? What does pilgrimage have to do with soul transformation and how could we practice this today as a modern equivalent?

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