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Duck, Duck, Goose! Productions: Sam Beasley, P.I.

Winner, 2010 Prairie Grass Film Challenge

Dual Conscience Productions: The Fourth Degree

Runner-Up, 2010 Prairie Grass Film Challenge

Peak Productions: Going Postal

People's Choice, 2010 Prairie Grass Film Challenge

Ceiling Dragon Productions: Public Disclosure

Children of the Universe: 9-1-Fun

Cleek It: Mystery To Go

Dark Matter Productions: Peekaboo

Dream Team: Bandits

Evolution Pictures: The Last Place You Look

Fat Monkey: What Are We Watching?

Hand Crafted Productions: Los Dedos!

High Flyers: Hope in the West

Llamas United: 10-96

New Duckworth Productions: Just Peachy

Paper Route Pictures: LOGIC

Paragon Productions: Seek Shelter

Speedy, Long, and Hairy Productions: A Shot Through Time

Vitiator Productions: A.K.A. The Professor

Wheatabix: Under Where?

Why Oshasane? Productions: Vladimir's Voyage

Windgrass Media: Just Poker