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Adam Schultz

Adam Schultz
Assistant Adjunct - Philosophy

Phone: (712) 722-6367

A graduate of Dordt College in 2011 with a double major in Philosophy and Biblical Theology, I earned my MA from the University of Chicago having completing my thesis "Intentionalism & the Possibility of Unethical Appropriation" under the watchful eyes of Dr. Robert Pippin.  As of the Fall of 2012, I have returned to Dordt as an adjunct professor of philosophy teaching the courses "Modern Philosophy," "Aesthetics: Philosophies of meaning & interpretation," and team teaching sections of the Dordt Core Philosophy course with Dr. Neal De Roo.

My academic interests include the Philosophy of Art as one facet within the larger question of the meaning of cultural artifacts, their interpretations, and the skills and fluencies necessary to "read" these artifacts.  I am currently writing articles engaging the aesthetic philosophies of David Hume, Noel Carroll, and Kendall Walton related to an explication of the seeming paradox of Hume's "True Judge" theory (in the case of Hume and Carroll) and a critique of "Make-believe fear" (as advanced by Walton).  Behind, above, and surrounding my interest in cultural hermeneutics, philosophies of intentionalism, and the ethical ramifications of artistic and cultural appropriation is a concern for Biblical interpretation and these philosophy's impact and contributions to the interpretation and application of Holy Scripture.

When my nose is not buried in the latest analytical philosophy of art book or Bible commentary, I spend my leisure hours engaged in my twin artistic pursuits: printmaking and woodworking.  As a print maker I recreate antique snapshots in the laborious medium of linoleum (linocut) in large format sizes and do my dead level best to fulfill the promise of readily available, amateur portraiture that the advent of amateur photography in the 1920s heralded--and which sadly materialized only as highly disposable boxes of black and white scrap paper.  As a musician and woodworker, I design and craft unique snare drums and drum kits by hand using stave construction and cabinet joinery in exotic woods like wenge, limba, leopard wood, cocobolo, and figured maple and walnut.