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Prairie Walk August 21

August 15, 2013

According to available historical records, early settlers in this area often talked about encountering tall, thick prairies. Today, visitors to the Dordt College prairie can experience that same kind of habitat and wonder about the experiences of those before them. You can see the prairie for yourself on a guided tour as Dordt College hosts the third Prairie Walk of the year on Wednesday, August 21, at 7 p.m.

The lush environment supports a variety of insects, and Dordt professors will help identify species. Visitors are invited to bring an insect net with them if they have one.

The walk begins at the north end of the prairie at the Dordt College Soccer Field. Everyone is welcome to come and explore the prairie, and handouts with color photos will be provided to showcase the prairie plants and wildlife.

Additional Prairie Walks will be held each month through October so visitors can see how the habitat changes throughout the summer and autumn.

Contact Dordt College Environmental Studies Professor Dr. Robb De Haan at 722-6220 with any questions. No RSVP is needed.

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