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Dordt Volleyball Travels To Mitchell Tuesday

October 28, 2013

WHERE AND WHEN… Dordt College will travel to Mitchell, South Dakota for GPAC volleyball on Tuesday, October 28. There is no junior varsity match and the varsity match will get underway at 7:00.  The match can be heard on KDCR 88.5 FM and live on the web at   Results will be posted to and and also at .

THE OPPONENT… Dakota Wesleyan is 0-13 in the GPAC and 7-24 overall.  The Tigers have lost four straight since beating Trinity Bible on October 16.  The other wins for Dakota Wesleyan are over William Penn, York, Valley City State (twice) and Presentation (twice). 

Wesleyan has been hit hard by injury this season and are missing some players they anticipated playing major roles for them.  Taylor Spence averages 1.87 kills per set and Hannah Hammer is good for 1.38 kills per outing.  Elizabeth Humiston knocks down 1.35 kills and Katie Vetch is good for 1.27 kills per outing.  Dakota Wesleyan averages 10.17 kills per outing as a team and is hitting for a .126 kill efficiency.    Wesleyan is getting to 14.5 digs per contest and generate 1.34 points per set on blocks and one point per set on ace serves.  Briana Jung puts up 5.56 assists per outing and Rebecca Garcia is at 3.2 per contest.  Maggie Stehly is averaging 3.65 digs per set and Spence gets to 2.6 per contest.  Mackenzie Stevens has a team high 23 ace serves this season and Jung has 22.

THE DEFENDERS… Dordt is 10-3 in the GPAC and 19-5 overall.  Dordt was no. 18 in the last Tachikara-NAIA Coaches’ Poll.  The Defenders have won eight of their last nine games and have conference losses to Northwestern, Nebraska Wesleyan and Hastings. 

Dordt has a .298 kill efficiency and averages 13.56 kills per contest with 1.39 ace serves and 2.13 points per set on blocks.  Dordt is outdigging opponents 15.88 to 13.25. 

Brooke Wolterstorff puts down 3.09 kills per contest with Jenna Horstman recording 2.83 kills per outing.  Lindsey Floen adds 2.84 kills and has a .402 kill efficiency.  Meghan Krausman adds 1.88 kills and Elizabeth Kiel is at 1.59 kills per outing.  Kayla Gesink has been averaging 1.12 kills per outing and has a .433 kill efficiency.  Gesink also averages 10.46 assists per contest and 2.39 digs.  Kayla Broekhuis gets to 5.02 digs and has 20 service aces.  Jocelyn Bousema is good for 1.67 digs and has 22 aces.  Wolterstorff averages 2.53 digs and has 25 aces.  Celaine Haan leads the team in ace serves with 30.

LAST ACTION… Dordt beat Concordia on Saturday 25-16, 25-20, 25-23 with Jenna Horstman and Lindsey Floen each recording nine kills and Meghan Krausman had seven kills.  Kayla Gesink put up 30 assists and Kayla Broekhuis recorded 12 digs.  The Defenders had five service aces in the win and had a .319 kill efficiency.

Dordt beat Dakota Wesleyan on Friday by set scores of 25-22, 26-24, 25-18.  Spence, Humiston and Hammer all had seven kills while Garcia and Jung had 16 and 11 assists respectively.  Stehly got to a match high 13 digs.

HISTORY… Dordt is 27-0 in the series and won the October 9 meeting by a 25-10, 25-22, 25-12 margin.  Brooke Wolterstorff had 11 kills and Krausman had eight.  Gesink put up 37 assists and Broekhuis recorded 16 digs.  Wesleyan got six kills each from Spence and Sarah Kruse with Jung putting up 13 assists and Stehly had 14 digs.  Dordt had six service aces in the win and didn’t commit a reception error.

WHERE WE GO FROM HERE… The Tigers will travel to York on November 1 and will face Concordia on Saturday, November 2 before concluding the season on November 6 at Mount Marty.

The Defenders face Doane on Saturday afternoon, November 2 before playing Northwestern in Orange City on Wednesday, November 6.  Dordt will host a GPAC Quarterfinal Round contest on Saturday, November 9.

Volleyball Standings (Monday, October 28)
School GPAC/Overall
Northwestern 13-0/29-1
Hastings 10-3/19-10
Midland 11-2/29-2
Dordt 10-3/19-5
Nebraska Wesleyan 9-5/19-7
Briar Cliff  7-7/18-11
Doane 5-8/14-15
Concordia 4-10/15-12
Morningside 3-10/11-14
Mount Marty 1-12/12-18
Dakota Wesleyan 0-13/7-24

GPAC Scores and Schedules

September 4
Hastings def. Concordia 3-1

September 11
Midland def. Concordia 3-0
Nebraska Wesleyan def. Morningside 3-1

September 14
Dordt def. Briar Cliff 3-1
Doane def. Hastings 3-1

September 17
Hastings def. Nebraska Wesleyan 3-0
Doane def. Concordia 3-0
Briar Cliff def. Dakota Wesleyan 3-0
Northwestern def. Mount Marty 3-0

September 18
Dordt def. Morningside 3-2
September 20
Concordia def. Dakota Wesleyan University 3-0
Northwestern College def. Morningside College 3-1

September 21
Midland def. Briar Cliff 3-0
Concordia def. Mount Marty 3-0
Nebraska Wesleyan def.Dakota Wesleyan 3-1
Dordt  def. Hastings 3-1
Northwestern def. Doane 3-2

September 24
Midland University def.  Nebraska Wesleyan University 3-1
Northwestern College def.  Dordt College 3-2
Morningside College def.  Dakota Wesleyan University 3-0
Briar Cliff University def., Mount Marty College 3-1

September 25
Hastings College  def. Concordia University 3-1

September 27
Midland University def.  Dakota Wesleyan University 3-0
Hastings College def. Briar Cliff University 3-0
Nebraska Wesleyan University def. Dordt College 3-0
Doane College def. Morningside College 3-0
Northwestern College def. Concordia University 3-0

September 28
Concordia University def.  Morningside College 3-1
Dordt College def.  Midland University 3-1
Hastings College def. Dakota Wesleyan University 3-0
Nebraska Wesleyan University def.  Briar Cliff University 3-2
Doane College def.  Mount Marty College 3-2

October 1
Nebraska Wesleyan University 3, Concordia University 1
Dordt College 3, Mount Marty College 0
Northwestern College 3, Dakota Wesleyan University 0

October 2
Midland def. Doane 31
Briar Cliff University def. Morningside 3-0

October 5
Northwestern def. Midland 3-2
Dordt def. Doane 3-0

October 8
Mount Marty @ Morningside

October 9
Midland University 3, Hastings College 0
Nebraska Wesleyan University 3, Doane College 0
Dordt College 3, Dakota Wesleyan University 0
Northwestern College 3, Briar Cliff University 1

October 11
Morningside College 3, Dakota Wesleyan University 0
Briar Cliff University 3, Mount Marty College 0

October 12
Hastings College 3, Nebraska Wesleyan University 2

October 13
Hastings College 3, Mount Marty College 0

October 15
Briar Cliff 3, Dakota Wesleyan 0

October 16
Dordt 3, Morningside 1
Midland 3, Nebraska Wesleyan 1
Northwestern 3,  Mount Marty 0
Doane 3, Concordia 1

October 19
Midland 3, Briar Cliff 1
Concordia 3, Mount Marty 0
Northwestern 3, Doane 0
Hastings 3, Dordt 0
Nebraska Wesleyan 3, Dakota Wesleyan 0

October 22
Dordt 3, Briar Cliff 1
Mount Marty 3, Dakota Wesleyan 0

October 23
Midland 3, Doane 1
Nebraska Wesleyan 3, Concordia  0
Northwestern  3, Morningside 0

October 25
Doane College 3, Dakota Wesleyan University 0
Midland University 3, Mount Marty College 0
Hastings College 3, Morningside College 2
Northwestern College 3, Nebraska Wesleyan University 0
Briar Cliff University 3, Concordia University 0

October 26
Nebraska Wesleyan University 3, Mount Marty College 0
Northwestern College 3, Hastings College 0
Dordt College 3, Concordia University 0
Midland University 3, Morningside College 2
Briar Cliff University 3, Doane College 0

October 29
Dordt @ Dakota Wesleyan

October 30
Midland @ Hastings
Nebraska Wesleyan @ Doane
Morningside @ Mount Marty
Northwestern @ Briar Cliff

November 2
Northwestern @ Midland
Mount Marty @ Hastings
Morningside @ Nebraska Wesleyan
Dakota Wesleyan @ Concordia
Dordt @ Doane

November 6
Concordia @ Midland
Hastings @ Doane
Dordt @ Northwestern
Briar Cliff @ Morningside
Dakota Wesleyan @ Mount Marty

November 9
GPAC Quarterfinals

November 13
GPAC Semifinals

November 16
GPAC Finals


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