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Dordt Basketball Preps For Pair In California

December 26, 2013

GAMETIME… Dordt will face San Diego Christian on Monday, December 30 and Westmont on Tuesday, December 31 at 3:00 and 7:30 respectively (Central Time).  The games can be heard on KDCR 88.5 FM and live on the world wide web at  Scores and details about the contests at their conclusion can be found online at  ; and you can follow us on Twitter at 

SCOUTING REPORT…Westmont is 6-3 this season and have won three games in a row over Montana Western, Great Falls and Wayland Baptist.  The losses for the Warriors are to Westminster, Azusa Pacific and Freed Hardeman.  Westmont is currently no. 8 in the NAIA Division I poll and they are the defending national champions in that division.

Westmont has outscored teams 68.6-61.3 and have made 42.9 percent of its shots from the field and limit opponents to 38.6 percent shooting.  The Santa Barbara based school is outrebounding teas 35.0-33.4 and they have forced 135 turnovers while committing 124 of their own.

Kelsie Sampson averages a team high 19.3 points per game and 8.2 rebounds and she is converting 47.2 percent of her field goals.  Esther Lee scores 12.0 points per game and has made 29-72 three-point shots while Celina Gougis is the third player on the team averaging double figures with a 10.2 points per game average with 4.8 rebounds.  Lauren Sende and Aysia Shellmire contribute 6.4 and 5.6 points per game and they get 5.4 and 5.7 rebounds per game respectively.  Erin Beadle averages just under three assists per game and she has 13 steals through nine games.

San Diego Christian is 7-2 this season with losses to Corban (Oregon) and Lindenwood-Belleville.  The Hawks also played a pair of exhibition games against Cal State LA and Fresno State.  San Diego Christian was receiving votes in the most recent NAIA Division I poll and they are the also a member of the Golden State Athletic Conference.

San Diego Christian is averaging 61.1 points per game and allow 57 points per game and they outrebound teams 38.6-36.3.  The Hawks are converting 37.8 percent of their shots and opponents make 34.9 of their field goal attempts.

Chardonay Shula is good for 12.7 points per game and Gabrielle Concepcion is scoring 10 points per game in four contests.  Briana Martinez is scoring nine points per game and right at three rebounds per game. Heather Serven scores 7.8 points per game and Angela Pena is good for 6.7 points per contest.  Jermani Stewart converts 5.6 points per game and gets to 6.6 rebounds per contest.

DEFENDER NOTES… Dordt is 7-6 this season and snapped a four game losing streak with a win on Thursday night over Martin Luther.   Dordt is 2-5 in the GPAC and these games against San Diego Christian and Westmont along with a January 25 date with Dakota State are the only non-conference games remaining on the Dordt schedule.

Dordt is averaging 71.8 points per game and allow 71.4 points per contest.  Dordt outrebounds teams 39.5-38.5 and the Defenders make 40.6 percent of their field goals while opponents are making 37.6 percent of the shots they take.  Dordt’s three-point success is 28.9 percent while opponents are making 31.8 percent. 

Elise Maresh scores 16.2 points per game with 4.2 rebounds and Kara Van Dyke converts 12.5 points per contest and she gets a team high 8.3 rebounds.  Maresh makes 52.6 percent of her field goals and Danelle Boone is good for 7.8 points per game.  Jasmin Schelhaas and Kim Kroeze are scoring 5.6 and 5.2 points per game and Jessica Jelsema has a 4.8 scoring average to go with 4.8 rebounds per game.  Dordt continues to play without Jaimie Kok who has an injured hand and scores 12.2 points and 6.3 rebounds and 2.6 assists.  Kok has missed three games.

LAST TIME… Westmont scored a 77-54 win over Wayland Baptist on Tuesday, December 17 after leading 29-25 at halftime.  Esther Lee led the way with a 36 point night while converting 11-15 three-point baskets and all three free throws she tried.  Kelsie Sampson contributed 20 points and 13 rebounds and Erin Beadle had six assists and nine rebounds.  Westmont converted 13-21 three-point shots and held a 42-27 rebounding advantage in the win. 

San Diego Christian beat Dakota State 77-62 in their most recent outing on Saturday, December 21.  San Diego Christian was up 39-22 at halftime and held that margin through most of the second half.  San Diego Christian made 29-60 shots from the field and 7-18 three-point baskets but were outrebounded 46-30.  Irene Lopez and Chardonay Shula had 20 points each and Briana Martinez knocked down 15.

Dordt snapped a four game losing streak with a 69-61 win over Martin Luther on Thursday, December 19 by a final score of 69-61.  The Defenders were up 34-23 at the half and pushed the lead all the way to 60-33 before the Knights staged a late comeback to cut the lead to six before Dordt secured the win.  Elise Maresh scored 18 points and had seven rebounds while Jasmin Schelhaas scored 13.  Kayla Broekhuis chipped in with nine points and Kara Van Dyke scored eight with ten rebounds and four blocked shots. 

HISTORY… These will be the first meetings between Dordt and Westmont and San Diego Christian.

MILESTONES…Kara Van Dyke’s career point total is 1,068 and she ranks 10th all-time in that category. Faye Woudstra is 9th all-time with 1,080 and Linda Mabie is 8th with 1,083.  Van Dyke also ranks 8th all-time in rebounding with Jacque Van Leeuwen is 7th with 694 and Lisa Wubben’s total is 708 for 6th.

NEXT… The Dordt women will face Westmont and San Diego Christian on December 30 and 31.  Both Defender teams will host Concordia on January 4 in their first games of 2014.

RANKINGS…. Seven women’s teams are in the poll with Northwestern no. 2, Concordia no. 7; Midland no. 10; Morningside no.13; Hastings no. 16, Briar Cliff no. 19 and Dakota Wesleyan receiving votes.

The Defender men are ranked no. 11 while Hastings is no. 6 and Midland is no. 15. 

The next polling will be released in 2014.

GPAC STANDINGS…(Thursday, December 26)

Women’s Basketball
Northwestern  7-0/14-0
Concordia   7-1/12-2
Dakota Wesleyan  4-2/10-3
Midland   5-2/8-6
Hastings   5-2/13-2
Briar Cliff  4-3/9-3
Morningside  3-3/11-3
Dordt College  2-5/7-6
Doane   1-7/4-9
Mount Marty   0-7/4-8
Nebraska Wesleyan 0-6/1-8

Men’s Basketball
Dordt College  7-0/15-1
Midland   6-1/13-1
Hastings   6-1/11-2
Briar Cliff  4-3/9-6
Morningside  4-2/8-5
Nebraska Wesleyan  3-3/7-3
Northwestern  2-5/8-8
Concordia  2-6/4-9
Dakota Wesleyan  2-4/8-7
Doane   2-6/7-7
Mount Marty   0-7/1-11


Upcoming games
January 4
Hastings @ Dakota Wesleyan
Concordia @ Dordt
Morningside @ Briar Cliff
Mount Marty @ Nebraska Wesleyan

January 8
Hastings @ Nebraska Wesleyan
Dordt @ Morningside
Concordia @ Midland
Dakota Wesleyan @ Northwestern
Briar Cliff @ Mount Marty

January 11
Nebraska Wesleyan @ Dordt
Concordia @ Northwestern
Doane @ Morningside
Midland @ Briar Cliff

January 15
Midland @ Hastings
Northwestern @ Dordt
Nebraska Wesleyan @ Doane
Mount Marty @ Dakota Wesleyan

January 18
Morningside @ Hastings
Dordt @ Doane
Briar Cliff @ Concordia
Mount Marty @ Midland
Dakota Wesleyan @ Nebraska Wesleyan

January 22
Concordia @ Hastings
Mount Marty @ Dordt
Midland @ Doane
Northwestern @ Morningside
Briar Cliff @ Dakota Wesleyan

January 25
Hastings @ Briar Cliff
Doane @ Mount Marty
Nebraska Wesleyan @ Northwestern

January 29
Dordt @ Briar Cliff
Doane @ Concordia
Nebraska Wesleyan @ Midland
Morningside @ Dakota Wesleyan
Northwestern @ Mount Marty

GPAC Scores
Tuesday, November 12
Men's Basketball 
Briar Cliff University 91, Northwestern College 77

Women's Basketball
Northwestern College 114, Briar Cliff University 81

Saturday, November 16
Men's Basketball
Dordt College 72, Midland University 66
Hastings College 90, Northwestern College 81
Briar Cliff University 101, Doane College 95
Morningside College 85, Concordia University 67

Women's Basketball
Midland University 70, Dordt College 51
Northwestern College 99, Hastings College 83
Briar Cliff University 106, Doane College 92
Concordia University 90, Morningside College 82 (OT)

Wednesday, November 20
Men's Basketball
Hastings College 88, Doane College 75
Midland University 83, Morningside College 77

Women's Basketball
Hastings College 83, Doane College 73
Midland University 68, Morningside College 64
Briar Cliff University 84, Nebraska Wesleyan University 53

Saturday, November 23
Men's Basketball
Nebraska Wesleyan University 89, Dakota Wesleyan University 84
Dordt College 85, Doane College 71
Briar Cliff University 103, Concordia University 61
Midland University 81, Mount Marty College 62
Hastings College 78, Morningside College 74

Women's Basketball
Dakota Wesleyan University 80, Nebraska Wesleyan University 55
Dordt College 80, Doane College 55
Concordia University 80, Briar Cliff University 72
Midland University 61, Mount Marty College 47
Morningside College 76, Hastings College 49

Tuesday, November 26
Men's Basketball
Hastings College 78, Concordia University 71
Dordt College 100, Mount Marty College 60
Midland University 89, Doane College 65
Morningside College 88, Northwestern College 70
Briar Cliff University 91, Dakota Wesleyan University 81

Women's Basketball
Hastings College 94, Concordia University 89
Dordt College 68, Mount Marty College 59
Midland University 64, Doane College 62
Northwestern College 102, Morningside College 82
Briar Cliff University 89, Dakota Wesleyan University 88

Wednesday, December 4
Men's Basketball
Dordt College 104, Briar Cliff University 97
Concordia University 86, Doane College 81
Midland University 64, Nebraska Wesleyan University 50
Northwestern College 87, Mount Marty College 64

Women's Basketball
Briar Cliff University 100, Dordt College 92 (OT)
Concordia University 82, Doane College 75
Midland University 77, Nebraska Wesleyan University 64
Northwestern College 87, Mount Marty College 71

Saturday, December 7
Men's Basketball
Hastings College 87, Briar Cliff University 58
Dordt College 93, Concordia University 70
Doane College 78, Mount Marty College 49
Northwestern College 78, Nebraska Wesleyan University 76
Midland University 84, Dakota Wesleyan University 77

Women's Basketball
Hastings College 86, Briar Cliff University 68
Concordia University 89, Dordt College 66
Doane College 75, Mount Marty College 70
Northwestern College 105, Nebraska Wesleyan University 53
Dakota Wesleyan University 85, Midland University 74

Wednesday, December 11
Men's Basketball
Dordt College 92, Dakota Wesleyan University 81
Nebraska Wesleyan University 83, Concordia University 57
Morningside College 102, Mount Marty College 77

Women's Basketball
Dakota Wesleyan University 81, Dordt College 56
Concordia University 94, Nebraska Wesleyan University 65
Morningside College 79, Mount Marty College 51

Saturday, December 14
Men's Basketball
Dordt College 94, Hastings College 84
Concordia University 81, Mount Marty College 67
Midland University 80, Northwestern College 66
Morningside College 81, Nebraska Wesleyan University 71
Dakota Wesleyan University 85, Doane College 78

Women's Basketball
Hastings College 88, Dordt College 67
Concordia University 109, Mount Marty College 86
Morningside College 82, Nebraska Wesleyan University 57
Northwestern College 89, Midland University 69
Dakota Wesleyan University 65, Doane College 59

Wednesday, December 18
Men's Basketball
Doane College 84, Northwestern College 78

Women's Basketball
Northwestern College 85, Doane College 75

Friday, December 20
Men's Basketball
Dakota Wesleyan University 88, Concordia University 56

Women's Basketball
Concordia University 85, Dakota Wesleyan University 66

Saturday, December 21
Men's Basketball
Hastings College 78, Mount Marty College 61
Nebraska Wesleyan University 74, Briar Cliff University 66

Women's Basketball
Hastings College 93, Mount Marty College 77

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