Dordt College News

Senior art show on display

March 26, 2014

Dordt College seniors Caitlin Bronkhorst and Kelley De Jong present their senior art exhibit. Their work is currently on display in the Dordt College Campus Art Gallery through Thursday, April 3. A reception will be this Saturday from 5 to 7 p.m. with gallery talks at 5:30.

“The purpose of my art is to evoke a sense of curiosity, wonder, and a rhythm of movement. Underlying themes in my art show include spirituality, energy, and emotion,” says Bronkhorst. “I am very aware of process recently as I create my art, exploring things such as psychic automatism and a gestural style.”

Bronkhorst is from Hawarden, Iowa, and is majoring in art with an emphasis in fine art studio.

“The goal of my art is simple: to make people think and feel,” says De Jong. “I understand that everyone is different and may come to a different conclusion, I welcome those differences. My goal is not to create one universal thought, but to have the audience create it for themselves. Of course, the titles may give a hint of what my art work is trying to say.”

De Jong is from Orange City, Iowa, and is majoring in digital media production and art with an emphasis in fine arts studio.

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