Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I do if I registered but have not heard back from career services?

A: Please check your SPAM filter to ensure our message has not been automatically deleted from your system. Contact our office if you need your password resent.

Q: May I come to campus to interview candidates?

A: We often have prospective employers come to campus to interview several students at once. Please contact Ellen Mouw from Career Services at Ellen.Mouw@dordt.edu or (712) 722-6078. If given advance notice Ellen can assist you in advertising your visit and arranging a productive schedule.

Q: In the past I have worked with a person on finding internship-ready candidates—can I still do that?

A: Though we encourage employers to use the College Central Network (CCN), for cases of internships you may contact the appropriate person on the Internship Contact list.

Q: How do I enter more than one location for a job posting?

A: Many employers have more than one position posted on CCN. Some employers may have different locations where these positions are being offered. If that is the case you can request to enter your company profile more than once (giving the opportunity to have different locations for each profile). Generally they are entered as "Company XYZ Iowa" and "Company XYZ Texas".

Q: I am having trouble getting students that match my requirements—what is the best way to search?

A: The CCN help page has some basic assistance of how to search, but we find that the most commonly underutilized function is the use of the Control (Ctrl) key on your keyboard. If you hold down the Control key while selecting from the Majors List or the Job Target List you can get more of the potential candidates you are looking for. You can select up to 50 majors and three job targets.