Application Information

Application Deadline: Application form deadline is May 23, with all materials to be submitted by May 31. Application consists of filling out the application form and emailing additional materials to when completed.

Please email with any questions about the application process or status of your application.

Application Materials

A complete application consists of (1) application form, (2) undergraduate transcript, (3) letter of recommendation from a math/science teacher, and (4) an application essay.

Please email all four components to when completed. You will receive an email confirming the receipt of your completed application.

1. The application form must be filled out completely. Part of the application cover page requires a reference (math/science teacher) who will write a letter of recommendation on your behalf (see No. 3).

2. Undergraduate transcript: Please include a copy of your undergraduate transcript to date. The transcript should include course name and grade earned, as well as the name of the institution where the courses were taken. A PDF format is encouraged but not required.

3. Letter of recommendation: Please have your math/science teacher write a letter of recommendation in support of your application. The letter should specifically address: a) your performance in applicable courses, and b) personality traits or social skills that suit you to successfully work closely with others. The teacher should email the letter directly to

4. Application essay: The application essay is a critical piece of the application. The essay should be no more than three pages single spaced and include answers to the following questions:

A. What excites you about mathematics and/or science? How did this passion develop?

B. What thoughts have you had about possible career plans after college? How does mathematics and/or science fit into these plans?

C. What excites you about the IDEAS program? What do you most hope to take from the experience?

D. Have you begun the college search process? What colleges/programs are you considering/interested in? Are you considering Dordt College?

E. Please include some information about yourself: not only personality/traits, but also hobbies and interests outside of mathematics and/or science.

While there is no required format for the essay, we prefer that it includes five headings, one for each of the five areas above; along with any additional headings for other topics the applicant wishes to address.