ďIím a little jealous of you this morning. I would love a future. To think in terms of a future seems to me now to be a luxurious privilege. I feel as if I am being fed a meal, blindfolded. I can see nothing. I donít know what the menu offers. And I canít even see the table. God is spooning me tidbits, bite by bite. Will the next bite be bread and butter, or chicken stew, or will the spoon be empty? I can only wait and wonder.

ďYou seem to be looking at a banquet. You have a fork in your hand and you choose your bites. Will it be strawberry shortcake or chicken cordon bleu? Hmmm. I think Iíll have the chicken first and then finish off with the whipped cream and shortcake.

ďThatís what Iím jealous of—that seeing the meal and that choosing the next bite.Ē

Sharon Bomgaars, October 27, 2001