Department Profile

Mission Statement

Our mission is to develop and transmit insight into the processes which have shaped human civilizations, including both western civilization and other global civilizations, to equip students with various skills needed to discern such processes, and to interpret and use that discernment, and to articulate a Christian interpretation of the meaning and significance of history in the light of God’s Word and his coming kingdom.

Program Strengths

Learning Objectives

  1. Students will be able to identify the main events, person, ideas, and social structure/institutions which have been developed and in turn have shaped civilization within their field of concentration (i.e. American or European/World).
  2. Students will have facility with the basic methods of historical research, analysis, and literacy.
  3. Students will understand and be able to discern the major schools and trends of western historiography, and will be able to offer a critique and an alternative to those schools from the perspective of a Biblical understanding of history.
  4. Students will be able to discover and offer informed historical opinions concerning the roots of current social and cultural problems, and the tasks to which we are called in the service of God’s kingdom.