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Douglas De Boer

Douglas De Boer
Professor of Engineering

Phone: (712) 722-6245



Academic Experience

Dr. De Boer has been on the engineering faculty at Dordt College since 1984.  He teaches mostly electrical courses in engineering.  Dr. De Boer has also taught undergraduate and graduate level electrical engineering courses at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.  Dr. De Boer has served at Dordt College as chair of the Engineering Department, chair of the Curriculum and Academic Policies Committee for Dordt College, and Chair of the Faculty Status Committee of Dordt College. 

Courses Taught

EGR 117, Introduction to Engineering:  Electronics
EGR 220/PHYS 206, Linear Circuits and Electronics
EGR 304, Embedded Microcomputer Systems
EGR 322, 323, Electronics I and II
EGR 360, Introduction to Power System Analysis
EGR 363, Introduction to Communication Systems
      more details about the above courses can be found here.


In the early 1980's Dr. De Boer worked in the area of memory systems design and computer architecture at Hewlett Packard Company.  He remains interested in these areas, including especially the area now called, "embedded microcontroller systems design."  Dr. De Boer did his Ph.D. research in the area of combined coding and modulation of digital radio signals, in particular cell phone signals.  Finally, Dr. De Boer drives an electric car, which has inspired an interest in electric power systems.


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