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Shelby Herrema showcases Tanzania photography project

April 18, 2014

“Everyone has some sort of image in his or her mind about what Africa is like. And quite often, the images we see reinforce or exploit these stereotypes,” says Dordt College sophomore art student Shelby Herrema from Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

In January, she traveled to Tanzania with the Dordt AMOR mission team where she took photos for Siouxland Tanzania Educational Medical Ministry (STEMM). She set out to capture images that told “bits and pieces” of real stories of the people she encountered.

Several of her images are on display through the summer in the Ribbens Academic Complex on the campus of Dordt College. The community is invited to view the images in the main lobby, main hallway, and the art department office gallery.

“When you look at these images, don’t let the brokenness steal too much of the spotlight,” says Herrema. “See the joy in reflective eyes and laughing mouths. Marvel at the detail in an elephant’s skin. Resonate with the passion of an elderly woman worshipping. And maybe allow your heart to be changed.”


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