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People’s Choice is chosen in Dordt College high school photo contest

April 24, 2014

The votes are in and the winner of the Dordt College high school photo contest sponsored by the environmental studies department has been selected.

Orange City Unity Christian High School student Elizabeth Van Bruggen received the most votes for her photo “Glory in the Little Things.”

High school students from around the country captured the beauty of God’s creation and submitted their photographs in the Dordt College environmental studies department’s first annual photo contest.

Along with the photo, students submitted an essay describing how the photo relates to the contest theme. Van Bruggen’s photo captured the radiance of individual snowflakes.

“The first sign of winter is white falling from the sky. White represents purity, cleanliness, and a starting of something new. Winter brings a white blanket of snow that covers the ground. It covers up the black dirt, bare trees, and the dead of fall. It brings a new season and a magnitude of extraordinary little specimen,” Van Bruggen wrote in her essay. “God hand-crafted everything in the universe and made it to be just as he said it to be. From the largest star known to man (Canis Majoris) to a tiny snowflake, God made it all.”

The judges’ picks were announced earlier this month and can be viewed online. The first place winner received $500; second place received $250; and the people’s choice winner will receive $100.

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