Aspire Program

You have a goal? We can help you reach it!

What is the Aspire Program?

The Aspire Program provides an opportunity for motivated students who have the potential to be successful at Dordt but who do not meet the regular admission standards to benefit from a Dordt education. The program helps such students develop new strategies and skills for learning.

How are students for the Aspire Program selected?

Inclusion in the program is determined by the executive director of admissions in consultation with the director of the ASK Center and is based on high school grades and courses and ACT/SAT scores. Applicants who fail to meet one of the following general admission entrance requirements may be granted admission with special provisions into the Aspire Program.

What supports does the Aspire Program provide students?

Are there additional costs for these services?

For more information contact aspire program director Pam De Jong at or (712) 722-6488.