Program Options

Campus CenterOur program is broadly based, emphasizing conceptual understanding and the ability to adapt to change. Mathematics and core courses provide a solid foundation for this dynamic and challenging field.

Program Options

The hardware emphasis requires some engineering courses and will prepare you for careers in hardware design and low-level systems programming. 

The information systems emphasis includes business administration courses and prepares you to create and maintain web applications, database software, and other information systems used in business.

The systems administration emphasis prepares you to work with operating systems, hardware, and networks. This emphasis is also excellent preparation for further graduate study.

A minor in information systems can be added to almost any major, including:

The computer science department also offers a joint major in mathematics and computer science and a minor in web software development to help you create and support web-based applications.

A two-year associate of arts degree in computer networking will give you a general education and a complete college experience. The two-year program allows you to continue for a four-year computer science major should you wish to do so.