Engineers are charged with the privilege and responsibility of developing and keeping God’s creation. The core tasks of engineering, which include designing, building, maintaining, and improving structures, machines, and devices, have intricate and sometimes subtle impacts on humankind and the broader creation. This God-given responsibility makes it essential that an engineer’s technical skillset is rooted in a biblical understanding of his or her calling. A Dordt College engineering student will master the technical skills and will be pushed beyond those skills to understand how all aspects of an engineer's work can serve the Lord.

The best way to learn about the Dordt engineering program is to come for a campus visit, but if visiting campus is not currently possible you can get a sense of the rhythm of the academic year for Dordt engineering students by checking out our Facebook page (where we post department news, pictures, and interesting stories). You can also learn more about how our Reformational perspective shapes our understanding of engineering by browsing the posts on Reformed and Reforming, the department's blog.