Brian Verwolf

College is All About Getting Involved

Brian Verwolf has captured the most from his college experience since day one. He is an active member of the Dordt College Concert Choir, captain of the soccer team, and a member of the welcoming staff for the admissions office. "Being involved is a great way to meet people, especially when you are just coming in."

Brian has a true passion for the Dordt community, which he displays prominently when giving campus tours to prospective students and their families. "What better representation than to have someone who loves Dordt welcome campus visitors?" he notes. Brian enjoys working with future students, advising them to get involved because "it's an important part of making college life great."

Brian started his college career uncertain about what field of study was right for him. Ultimately, his passion for helping others led him to become an elementary education major with minors in math and science. "To be honest, being a teacher was the last occupation that was on my mind," Brian says. But he's realized that his professors have contributed a great deal to his enthusiasm for learning. "I have never had a bad relationship with any of my professors, which I think speaks highly of Dordt College." Even as a sophomore, Brian has been able to get first-hand experience by completing a 20-hour practicum in a middle school science class. In fact, he loved it so much that he even put in extra hours of work.

Brian's advice to incoming students: get involved and follow your passions, because that's the key to making your college experience great.