Teresa De Wit

Breaking Into The Business

Traditionally, when someone in the music business is asked where they went to school, the answer is not "Dordt College."

Teresa De Wit is planning to change that. Originally a digital media major, she switched after a semester to a combination of administrative assistant and graphic design to help accomplish her goal of working in the music industry. Her ultimate dream? To design album covers.

Included in her time at Dordt will be a semester at the Contemporary Music Center (CMC) located in Martha's Vineyard. She wants to focus on the business side of music, and she is confident that the CMC will be what she needs to launch her into that. "It's very hands-on," she says, "the classes are like normal business classes, but completely geared toward the music industry."

And why Dordt? Teresa's parents and brother are alumni, so Dordt seemed like the obvious choice, but she was afraid that going to a college so close to home would be too much of the 'same-old, same-old'. But this year has been pleasantly surprising to her: "I like the diversity. It's not like high school if you don't want it to be."