Trevor Wolterstorff

More than a basketball player

At two years old, he was already dunking on his Michael Jordan basketball hoop. In high school, he seemed bound for a Division One basketball scholarship, but Trevor Wolterstorff chose Dordt College. Why? “I wanted to go to a place where it was more than just basketball; where it wasn’t my life; where it didn’t define me,” said Trevor.

Even after being recruited by several Division One schools, Trevor decided that Dordt was a perfect fit. “Academics weren’t really a priority with those schools,” said Trevor. “They didn’t hold their players to the high standards Dordt does.”

Although Trevor loves basketball and has devoted so much of his life to the game, he sees it as secondary to his education and college experience.

The Dordt College senior balances being a psychology major, a basketball player, and working at Hope Haven with challenged teens. He’s still able to manage a social life and aspires to go to grad school after Dordt to study neuropsychology in hopes of someday working with people with brain injuries.

One of Trevor’s favorite things about being a Defender basketball player is that he has the opportunity to be a role model to kids who attend the games. He remembers when he was the little boy in the stands, watching the Dordt basketball team at work. He remembers looking up to the players and hoping he would be like them someday.

“I would sit behind the bench just because I wanted to absorb as much as possible,” said Trevor.

Trevor and his teammates on the nationally ranked Dordt College Defenders basketball team are now those role models for many. Following a devastating quarterfinal loss at Nationals last year, Trevor and his Defender teammates remain thankful for the opportunity they had to make it that far in Nationals and strive to grow as a team and learn from their mistakes.

“Obviously, winning is fun, but without a doubt I’m going to look back on my career and remember the times that I spent with those guys and the way the relationships we have go beyond the end of the season. I think that’s what basketball is about,” said Trevor.