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Awards Ceremony

Awards Ceremony, 2011 Prairie Grass Film Challenge

Different Drum: Je Suis Francias

High School Winner, 2011 Prairie Grass Film Challenge

Paragon Productions: Twist

College Winner, 2011 Prairie Grass Film Challenge

Paper Route Pictures: Perfect Picture

Runner-Up, 2011 Prairie Grass Film Challenge

Potter's Wheel and VideoKrue: Swing of Life

People's Choice, 2011 Prairie Grass Film Challenge

Cleek It: Bearly In Time

Completely Irrelevant Productions: Scratch and Sniff

Dandy Lions Productions: Lighten Up

Dark Matter Productions: Interns

Duck, Duck, Goose! Productions: Cube It

Dutch-Irish Productions: Power Vixen and the Super Villain Library

F8-FULL: It's an Average Life

Fingerprint Productions: Party Like It's 1985

Food Fight Club Productions: Kelly

Hand Crafted Productions: Bob and Fred Walk Home

Hook and Reel Productions: The Case of the Botched Delivery

Landmark Video: The Beta Squad Shenanigans

LARK Productions: got parts?

MJL: The Chicklet Heist

Ruble and Schnape Schnape: Chasing Chiclets

Sea Beggar Productions: Without a Clue

So and So Films: Gut Wrenched

Spacebound Productions: Dolled Up

Speedy, Long, and Hairy Productions: A Tale of Two Shorts

Udo Velvet Productions: Blood is Thicker than Love

Windgrass: Dexterous