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John MacInnis

John MacInnis
Assistant Professor of Music

Phone: (712) 722-6202

My classes at Dordt College primarily consist of examining music academically--analytically, historically, and culturally. Considered broadly, my work compliments private voice lessons and orchestra rehearsal by expanding how students understand and communicate about music. In all classes, my goal is to keep topics rooted in useful, real-life experience. For example, in the four-semester music theory sequence students use computer notation programs to compose projects ranging from 12-bar blues to film scores. In music history, students present semester long research projects and perform period compositions. And in our class on world music cultures, students engage the music of China, India, and the African continent in addition to experiences performing a Javanese gamelan.

I believe that pursuing my own research projects strengthens my work in the classroom. My interests include music studied as a liberal art in Antiquity through the Middle Ages, music and media, music comedians, and the history and philosophy of church music. I've enjoyed opportunities to conduct research in the Library of Congress in Washington, DC, the New York Philharmonic Archive in New York City, the National Library and Archives of Canada in Ottawa, and the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities and Bavarian State Library in Munich, Germany. In all my projects and teaching I hope to model for my students a diligent and honest scholar who constantly asks, "How does this study contribute to Christ-centered renewal in all areas of contemporary life?"

Last summer (2013) I received funding from the Andreas Center for Reformed Scholarship and Service to lead an undergraduate research assistant in exploring "Ninth-Century Music Theory in Context." Together we examined ninth-century music treatises and parsed connections between them and other philosophical writings of that era such as the works of John Scottus Eriugena.

This summer (2014) my plans include attending the Eastman School of Music, Music Theory Pedagogy Institute in Rochester, NY and a conference on Music History Pedagogy at Roosevelt University in Chicago, IL. I have also received an Institutional Innovations in Pedagogy Grant funding my ongoing project of developing tablet-based curriculum for our Music Theory sequence at Dordt College.

Ph.D., Musicology, Florida State University
M.Mus., Historical Musicology, Florida State University
M.Mus., Sacred Music, Organ Proficiency, Bob Jones University
B.Mus., Piano Performance, Bob Jones University