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Dordt hosts biomedical sciences camp for high school students

June 24, 2013

“Work hard. Play hard.” That is the motto of Dordt College’s Summer Investigations camps, and it is an apt description of students’ activities on campus last week. Eight high school students interested in medicinal chemistry, molecular biology, structural biochemistry, and related fields spent the week of June 17 participating in Dordt College Summer Investigations in Biomedical Sciences (DCSIBS).

The group spent time researching, experimenting in labs, learning from Dordt College professors, hanging out and having fun with other students with shared their interests, and exploring how God reveals himself through his creation.

“The DCSIBS students became active participants, in the laboratory and through discussions, in our ongoing research project, which seeks to understand the relationship between cardiovascular disease and inflammation,” said Chemistry Professor and DCSIBS Coordinator Darren Stoub. “Not only did they learn new techniques and information, but the genetic experiments that they completed will provide us with additional tools we need to investigate inflammation.”

Statistics Professor Nathan Tintle provided an interdisciplinary perspective showing how chemistry, biology, statistics, medicine, and public health must be integrated to enhance understanding of the complex genetic relationships involved with cardiovascular disease.

Last year the college held its first Summer Investigations camp, geared toward students interested in exploring math and statistics (DCSIMS: Dordt College Summer Investigations in Math and Statistics). 

Dordt hosts several academic and athletic camps throughout the summer including Dordt Discovery Days, as well as boys’ and girls’ basketball, football, soccer, and volleyball camps. Find more information at

Photo: Group photo of DCSIBS participants and summer researchers.

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