Families trying to register for our popular Dordt Discovery Days camp online on Friday, March 15, encountered a number of problems due to a server crash that happened at 9 p.m. just as registration opened. We realized this immediately and had people working on it, but our server continued to have problems handling the load as hundreds of people continued trying to register throughout the evening.

We are incredibly sorry for the inconvenience and frustration many parents and students experienced. We take responsibility for the problem and are working hard to rectify the situation. Unfortunately, because many people tried to register multiple times and were unsure that it went through, we received multiple registrations for some students. This in turn led to a false indication that many classes were full when they actually still had spaces in them. We are now sorting through the data and eliminating multiple entries to make sure we have the correct information for everyone.

As soon as we can this week, we will be emailing everyone who registered, asking for confirmation of their classes and letting them know whether we have received their medical release form and payment. It is possible that some of this data was lost with the server problems we experienced. When you receive our email letting you know what our records reflect, please confirm or correct that information as soon as possible. For those who didn't get into their first choice classes, we'll be asking you to give us your first, second, and third choices in your response. Please watch for that email this week and respond promptly, so that we can sort things out as soon as possible.

Please be advised that if you have already emailed camp director Dianne De Wit about your registration, she is working her way through a very large stack of emails and will be responding to each one. As soon as is possible, you should be receiving an email asking you to confirm or correct the information we have for your registration. Until our registration process is repaired, online registration will not be available.

Again, we apologize for the registration problems. If you have any concerns or questions, please consider waiting for the email and giving us your corrections at that time. If you need to contact someone before then, please email or call Dianne De Witt at or 712-722-6029.