Current Projects

Lung Imaging Research Project

Dr. Kayt Frisch (Physics/Engineering) began a research-collaboration with the Iowa Comprehensive Lung Imaging Center (ICLIC) at the University of Iowa in the summer of 2012. In order to continue making progress on this project, which will also involve Dordt students, the Andreas Center provided the funding for a computer that is capable of handling the (volumetric and time-series CT) lung images being studied.

Teaching/Learning Innovations Project

A 2012 Andreas Center grant, augmenting the gifts of two donors, provided just more than half of the monies used to implement the college’s Teaching/Learning Innovations Project, which also included major renovations in the Teaching Resource Center.

Making Reformation Philosophy Accessible

The Andreas Center is providing the majority of the funding to support a two-year-long 50 percent reduction of teaching load for Dr. Neal DeRoo (Philosophy), starting in fall 2012, with an eye to producing a book-length manuscript on Reformational philosophy suitable for publication. Along the way toward that manuscript will come the publication of academic articles and papers given at conferences; these will provide the intellectual background for the (more accessible) book-length manuscript.

Deepening the Colors More

Aaron Baart (Dean of Chapel) is receiving ACRoSS support to take the successful groundwork already laid out in the current CORE 100 Deepening the Colors text and, working via a collaborative writing process with the author Dr. Syd Hielema (Redeemer University College), to provide a virtual overhaul of this book that would continue to serve the CORE 100 program within Dordt but also potentially serve a wider CCCU and general church audience as well.

Futurity in Phenomenology

The Andreas Center is providing a modest subvention to help pay for the publication of philosophy professor Dr. Neal DeRoo’s new book: Futurity in Phenomenology: Promise and method in Husserl, Levinas, and Derrida (Fordham University Press, 2013).

Translating Common Grace

In January 2012 the Andreas Center for Reformed Scholarship and Service become an official (supporting) partner of the Kuyper Translation Society’s Gemeene gratie (Common Grace) translation project.

The Fourth World Project

The Fourth World is a film documentary by Professor Mark Volkers and Prairie Grass Productions that takes the viewer inside the slums on three continents to meet individuals caught up in the largest people migration in the history of the world. Professor Volkers took students to the Philippines during Christmas 2008 and to Kenya over the Christmas break in 2009. His purpose was to give digital media students on-the-job training and a better understanding of what daily reality is like for the many people living in the slums. The Fourth World has already won many awards in 2012 and continues to be screened at film festivals.

Center for Educational Services (CES)

Through programs, workshops, and conferences, CES works to improve elementary school, middle school, and high school Christian education around the world. In the past, CES hosted the Heartland Teachers Conference, the B.J. Haan Conference, and helped with the Iowa Core Curriculum Project.

Christian Leadership Integrity Project

The Andreas Center is providing some support for a one-day Christian Leadership Summit in early March 2013 in New York City that will be moderated by Dordt College President Emeritus Dr. Carl Zylstra. This Integrity Project, hosted by the Consortium for Educational Advancement, seeks to challenge Christian leaders and institutions to demonstrate and nurture the highest level of integrity, in character, accountability, intellect, doctrine, and morals. The Project will analyze past concerns and encourage the development of effective present and future leaders who acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord, motivating them to fulfill this commitment through a life of service.


Crossings is a Kuyperian experiment in student publishing. It is designed to be a student counterpart to Pro Rege, Dordt's academic journal, showcasing the best thought and most graceful writing of students across a wide variety of disciplines. It emphasizes interdisciplinary research through collaborative panels that approach a multi-aspectual topic from a theoretically non-reductionistic standpoint.

Northrise StreetNorthrise University

Located in Ndola, Zambia, this Christian university seeks to prepare students for leadership in the church and business community. During summer 2009, Professor Ron Vos (agriculture) and former professor Tom Wolthuis (theology; now co-president of the Institute for Christian Studies) taught courses at Northrise and explored further exchange possibilities between Northrise and Dordt. To read more about Wolthuis's experiences, you can read his blog. Vos returned in May 2010 and 2012, both times with Dordt students in tow.

Professional Development School (PDS)

Andreas Center continues to support this PDS initiative after funding a three-year pilot PDS program with Rock Valley Christian School. This pilot project began in the fall semester of 2009 with the first year dedicated to research and setting up the pilot. In years two and three, the pilot program came to be fully implemented. Assessment data was collected in years two and three to verify that the PDS made a significant difference in the learning of our pre-service teachers, the K-8 students, and the K-8 in-service teachers. The PDS also set up a project that allows exchange of students between Dordt and an institution in the Netherlands.

Men’s Basketball Camp in Chicago

Support (with a decreasing balance over five years) for conducting a free three-day summer basketball camp for inner-city youth on Chicago’s west side (in conjunction with Chicago Hope Academy)—starting in 2011, to be offered on a bi-annual basis, and involving current basketball players and staff.

Monitoring Preschool English Language Learners

Dr. Kathleen VanTol continues to receive funding for a multi-year project to develop and implement curriculum-based assessments of vocabulary acquisition for use with children in local Head Start programs, a large percentage of whom are English language learners.