Department Profile

Mission Statement

The Dordt College teacher education program prepares students for service in diverse settings, equipping them with God-centered reflective and transformative skills, knowledge, and dispositions for teaching, learning, and leading.

Program Strengths

Learning Objectives

Dordt education students

  1. understand the central concepts, tools of inquiry, structure of the subject areas taught, and principles that guide the learning process
  2. understand how students learn and develop; and provide learning opportunities that support the students’s development
  3. demonstrate an understanding of how students differ and are able to meet students’s learning needs
  4. understand curriculum construction and instructional strategies
  5. understand the nature of assessment and uses formal and informal assessment strategies appropriately
  6. shape a positive and purposeful learning environment that promotes active engagement in learning and self-motivation
  7. use a variety of verbal, nonverbal, and media communication techniques to foster purposeful learning and positive community climate in the classroom
  8. articulate and demonstrate an understanding of educational philosophy, the history of education, and current educational trends and issues
  9. understand and are committed to professionalism
  10. use appropriate technology for communication and instruction