Designing buildings and landscapes combines creativity and precision. Dordt’s innovative “four plus three” pre-architecture program is designed to lead to a master of architecture degree and a career as a licensed architect. Students can choose from a B.A. degree in either art or engineering, which will prepare them for graduate-level accredited architecture programs.

An additional three years of study is usually required at the graduate level, though some programs may require four. Aspiring architects must also do internships and pass a test for state licensure.

A key aspect of the pre-architecture program at Dordt College is that, throughout the program, students consider how their work may serve both God and his creation, by designing buildings and landscapes that reflect responsible use of material, environmental, and economic resources.

For more information about pre-architecture at Dordt College, please contact Professor David Versluis ( or the Dordt College admissions office at 1-800-343-6738 (option 1).