Wendy Gomez Matamoros

A Home Away From Home

Wendy had first learned about Dordt College and the quality of Dordt's education program from her Christian secondary school in Nicaragua, where several of her teachers were Dordt alumni. So, knowing that she wanted to use her passion for service in the field of special education, she decided to be adventurous, say goodbye to family and friends, and head north to college in Iowa.

Despite some challenges like being far away from family, adjusting to a new culture, and braving the cold Iowa winters, Wendy is certain she made the right choice. Her passion for special education has been fueled by the classes she's taken at Dordt. Wendy recognizes that the Nicaraguan school systems struggle to address the needs of children with disabilities and says, "I want to be used as God's servant to bring better opportunities to kids in Nicaragua with special needs."

Wendy uses her interest in serving others by participating in the Community Outreach Program, which has allowed her to volunteer at several ministries around Sioux Center. Wendy also serves on campus as a resident assistant. "I see it as a chance to serve and to allow God to use my gifts. It has taught me to be humble, to listen, and to love."

Even though she's far away from home, Wendy feels blessed to be a part of Dordt's community. She says that the student body is "a reflection of the body of Christ, and it feels like home. There are so many people who are willing to serve you—peers, professors, staff—that it just feels like a family."