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Clash in the Corn Results and Standings

November 18, 2013

Colorado State wins the 2013 CLASH IN THE CORN!

Both CSU and Metro State went 3-0 on the weekend but CSU wins by scoring 14 times to Metro State's 12.

Tournament Standings
Team Wins Losses OTL Points Goals For Goals Against
1. Colorado State 3     6 14 7
2. Metro State 3     4 12 7
3. Wyoming 2 1   4 11 8
4. Dordt 1 1   2 4 8
5. Wisconsin-Platteville   2 1 1 10 15
6. Marquette   2 1 1 8 14

Game format:  Three 20 minute periods.  If teams end regulation play in a tie, there will be five minutes of sudden death overtime (4 on 4). If tied after OT there will be a three player shoot-out followed by a sudden death shoot-out until there is a winner. Teams will receive two points for a win and one point for an overtime loss.

In the case of a tie in the standings:
First tie breaker:  Head to head competition
Second tie breaker:  Number of goals scored
Third tie breaker:  Number of goals against
Fourth tie breaker:  Tournament declared a tie with multiple champions

Thursday, November 21 Results
  Time Team Score Team Score Notes
Game 1 1:30 PM Colorado State 6 Marquette 3  
Game 2 4:30 PM Metro State 5 Wisc.-Platteville 4 Shoot-out
Game 3 7:30 PM Dordt 2 Wyoming 1  

Friday, November 22 Results
  Time Team Score Team Score Notes
Game 1 1:30 PM Metro State 4 Marquette 2  
Game 2 4:30 PM Wyoming 6 Wisc. Platteville 3  
Game 3 7:30 PM Colorado State 4 Dordt 1  

Saturday, November 23 Results
  Time Team Score Team Score Notes
Game 1 10:30 AM Wyoming 4 Marquette 3 Shoot-out
Game 2 1:30 PM Colorado State 4 Wisc.-Platteville 3  
Game 3 4:30 PM Metro State 3 Dordt 1  


The 2013 edition of The Clash In The Corn will take on a showcase format with an ACHA Pacific Region East vs. West flavor to it.  The Pacific Region teams from the east are:  Marquette University, the University of Wisconsin-Platteville and Dordt College.  The Pacific Region teams from the west are:  Colorado State University, Metropolitan State University of Denver and the University of Wyoming. The entire schedule is predetermined and the team that receives the most points will receive the "Cob Cup" as champion.   Other than CSU and Dordt, none of these teams meet in regular season play making The Clash in the Corn the benchmark for rankings in the ACHA Pacific Region.


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