Recap: Late Night with the Defenders

With men’s and women’s basketball players battling in three-point competitions, dunking contests, and scrimmages, Late Night with the Defenders is a hit year after year. This year was no exception, and the women’s three-point competition was an exciting highlight. Winner Abby Chapman of Arvado, Colorado, shared some thoughts about the experience:

Q: What parts of Late Night with the Defenders did you participate in?

A: I participated in the women's basketball scrimmage and in the three-point shooting contest. I won the women's three-point shooting contest.

Q: What was the most exciting part for you?

A: The most exciting part about Late Night was being a part of the three-point shooting contest and winning in the tie-breaker against Kara VanDyke.

Q: What did you think about Late Night with the Defenders?

A: Late Night was a blast; the atmosphere of the gym crowded with all the fans made it a night that I won't forget!

Q: What are you looking forward to for the women’s basketball team this year?

A: I love being a part of this team, and I think this season holds big things for us. I am looking forward to playing games and battling with my team. I also am looking forward to going to California on Christmas break for our tournament!