Program Options

Most students entering Dordt with a strong interest in actuarial science will probably choose an actuarial science major, though a minor is also an option (see a sample four year plan). For students less sure of their career goals, actuarial science is a great entry into careers in both mathematics and finance, as well as a host of related disciplines.

Many actuarial students (both majors and minors) choose majors or minors in mathematics, statistics, and/or finance. Many combinations of majors and minors are possible that allow students to tailor their program to their career and longterm interests.

For example, a double major in actuarial science and finance may be a great idea for a student passionate about mathematics and business, but for whom an actuarial career is only one vocational possibility (sample four year plan). Likewise, double majoring in mathematics and actuarial science may be appropriate for students passionate about mathematics and looking to keep an actuarial science career a strong option, while keeping open other potential career goals in mathematics (e.g., statistics, graduate school, etc.: sample four year plan).

We work with students throughout their college experience to develop a course plan that maximizes student’s ability to reach their potentially changing career and professional goals.