Department Profile

Mission Statement

The Department of Art and Design serves Dordt College, its students, and the broader community by cultivating a deepened understanding of visual arts and the role of aesthetics in creating and living as God’s image bearers.

We create an artistically rich and challenging environment where students can explore and develop their God-given artistic gifts and insights. Within this environment we nurture personal growth, encourage social progress, promote a sense of community.

Program Strengths

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to

  1. develop mature art-making skills in both design and rendering.
  2. advance in their range of media skills and processes of art-making.
  3. expand in their creative abilities, utilizing both traditional and inventive solutions that increase the quality of their work.
  4. develop thorough art historical knowledge and understanding.
  5. gain a solid theoretical and conceptual understanding of art and design, demonstrated through mature work, discussion, and critique.
  6. be shaped by aesthetic obedience, developing a mature relationship between one’s Christian faith and art.
  7. be familiar and proficient with the professional requirements of their field.
  8. discover the power of art as it allows for profound personal growth, social progress, and a sense of community.
  9. Students showcase their unique abilities and skills in logo and promotion design opportunities, student shows, and competitions on and off campus.