A career in criminal justice can be an intensely rewarding and at the same time a difficult calling for a Christian to pursue. Daily coming face to face with brokenness and depravity can be taxing, yet the services that criminal justice professionals provide are essential in our society. Dordt’s criminal justice program helps nurture the type of mental, professional, and spiritual development that will be critical for our students' future careers. 

Criminal justice is first and foremost a field of service, not just law enforcement. It must be done compassionately and in a way that furthers society’s need for both security and stability. Being a criminal justice professional means being a community leader, helping to shape the way others interact with society. The criminal justice program, like all others at Dordt College, rests on the conviction that we are subject in all things, even what we study, to our Lord Jesus Christ. We teach from a Reformed perspective, which means that our orientation toward Christ will have an impact on every square inch of our lives, from what we teach to how we learn.