Digital Media Lab

With its Avid lab, Dordt has one of the premiere post-production houses in a multi-state region. Avid is the industry standard for cutting and editing film and video; 90 percent of what you watch on TV and in theatres is cut on Avid.

Instead of having each Avid editing system locked to one computer and hard drive, Dordt’s Avid editing stations are all tied into an Avid LANshare, with 32 TB of storage space, providing the ultimate in collaborative filmmaking. For example, if a team shoots 15 hours of raw footage, the video is saved on the LANshare, and each team member on each Avid editing system can draw from the same footage and all work on the same project at the same time. That’s how Hollywood does it, and that’s how you’ll learn at Dordt, unlike at most major colleges and universities.

Digital Media Lab

In addition, a tech-enabled instructor’s podium is linked to ceiling-mounted HD projectors with a 16-foot screen and 7:1 surround sound, allowing students seated at either PC or Mac workstations to watch the instructor in action. The Adobe suite of products, which allow for animation, graphic design, professional DVD production and web design, give students complete control of every aspect of media production.