Program Options

The applied statistics minor can be combined with many majors. You’ll complete a research project in areas such as:

Agriculture - evaluating crop yield and other applications in today’s high-yield marketplace

Biology - driving the genetics revolution, global public health issues, and conservation efforts

Business/economics - informing data-driven decision making

Nursing/pre-med - informing doctors’ and nurses’ daily decisions about care

Chemistry - understanding underlying relationships and structure in chemical systems and predicting the behaviors of new compounds

Computer science - understanding data simulation, randomness, study design, data analysis, and storage are vitally important in today’s data revolution

Engineering - helping design experiments, doing quality control in manufacturing, and assessing the impact of new procedures and techniques

Political science - understanding what polls are and aren’t able to tell us

Psychology/sociology - assessing intelligence, evaluating performance of programs, analyzing trends

Religion - understanding local, national, and global trends in religious belief, doing survey-based natural church development, and determining ministry priorities

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