Department Profile

Mission Statement

The Theology Department seeks to lead students, colleagues, Dordt College, and the Christian community, both locally and globally, into more faithful service to the Triune God and his mission through deepening knowledge of God's scriptural revelation, of the church's response to this revelation, and the church's participation in God's mission of the restoration of all creation.

Program Strengths

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to

  1. Grow in love and service of God and his world. (Religious Orientation)
  2. Display a commitment to faithful Christian discipleship by being image bearers of God and Christian agents of reconciliation in relationship to God, other humans, and God’s creation. (Creational Structure and Contemporary Response)
  3. Achieve a biblical literacy, including articulating the biblical narrative and Reformed Christian theological framework for interpretation and application. (Creational Development)
  4. Demonstrate an awareness of major developments in church history and the church’s expression of her faith. (Creational Development)
  5. Assess contemporary ecclesiastical expressions and theological issues. (Contemporary Response)
  6. Develop creative ways to express the biblical message in contemporary culture. (Contemporary Response)