Aaron Coon

Aaron Coon

A Team Player For Life

Aaron Coon is a team player, both on and off the field. From his time spent playing varsity soccer to his work with on and off-campus service projects, Aaron has a passion for teaming up with others to achieve a common goal.

As part of a spring break trip, Aaron was able to co-lead a group of students to Birmingham, Alabama; over Christmas break he was part of a group of Dordt College students who traveled to Nicaragua to help construct classrooms and lead Vacation Bible School. On campus, as a leader for the Community Outreach Program, Aaron describes himself "not as the captain, but the water boy. There are already a lot of great servants on Dordt's campus; I just cheer them on and offer help whenever they need it."

In engineering, too, Aaron appreciates the opportunity to work as a team member, especially in labs. "In most of our projects, the work is split up. This allows us to work efficiently, but it also puts pressure on each member to carry their weight: the learning of the entire group depends on it."

All of these experiences have helped Aaron understand the importance of learning from a Christian perspective and working as part of a worldwide team—the body of Christ. "If I went to a state college, I would leave as just an engineer, but when I leave Dordt, not only will I leave as a better engineer, I will leave as a better person, prepared for a life of Christian service."