Kevin Vermeer

Blazing his own trail

As a nursing major and a hockey player, Dordt College junior Kevin has had to learn how to balance tenderness and toughness, whether he is caring for patients or body-checking an opponent.

Like most high school students, Kevin, a Chicago native, carefully weighed the pros and cons of several colleges before he made the decision to come to Dordt. In the end, it was his parents’ experience as well as that of many friends who had attended Dordt that helped him make the decision. From his own experience, Kevin says that the environment at Dordt “allows you to ‘blaze your own trail’ and become who you want to be.” That is exactly what he is doing by combining his passion to help others and playing the sport that he loves.

In Chicago, Kevin lives a short 20-minute drive from his favorite NHL team, the Chicago Blackhawks, something that undoubtedly helped fueled his passion for hockey. It also helped him decide to come to Dordt and play hockey for the Dordt Blades. Playing for the Blades keeps Kevin engaged and busy during the season and forces him to stay focused on his studies to keep his grades up.

Kevin is also part of Dordt’s campus security team. He enjoys the job because “it is a great way to interact and socialize with people—and it only demands one day a week.” It’s the perfect job while he studies to become a nurse, he feels.

Kevin looks forward to great job opportunities once he leaves college. “There is always a need for male nurses,” he says. He believes that being a nurse will give him job security while satisfying his desire to work in the medical field and help people in need.

As one of more than 1,400 students at Dordt, Kevin finds that there are enough people on campus to make a variety of friends, but not too many to feel overwhelmed. He’s also found a great deal of support on campus, both from faculty and friends. That support and his own goals have helped him truly blaze his own trail.