All My Sons

by Arthur Miller

Fall, 2003

In All My Sons, we see the world of the American Dream as created by Arthur Miller. It is 1947. The Great War is over. For the war effort, Joe Keller built cylinder heads for P-40 fighter planes, built up business, and became a wealthy man. But something happened 3 1/2 years ago.

Joe Keller's partner is in prison; one of Joe's sons, Larry, a fighter pilot himself, is missing in action, presumed dead. Now Joe's remaining son, Chris, has brought home Larry's former girlfriend and daughter of his dad's partner to get his parents' blessing on their proposed marriage. It is a lovely summer Sunday morning shadowed by a past that only a few are willing to deal with. This drama, recommended for viewers over age 12, intensely explores the relationships between fathers and sons and between humans and the communities to which they belong.

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