The Greeks: The Murders

Adapted by John Barton and Kenneth Cavander

Spring 2004



Polyxena: Joelle Sparks Chorus (women of Argos): Ann Andree
Chorus (women of Troy): Mary Bruins   Amy Blok
  Andrea De Jong   Anna Kooi
  Roshelle Hazeu   Sara Gerritsma
  Rebecca Postma   Amanda Nyman
  Laurie Wooge Old Man: Matt Olsen
Hecuba: Laurel Alons Clytemnestra: Rachel Persenaire
Odysseus: Josh De Groot Trojan slaves: Amber Steggerda
Greek soldiers: Seth Shannon   Laurie Wooge
  Kevin Zonnefeld Aegisthus: Nathan Pasma
Seris: Amber Steggerda    
Talthybius: Josh Super


Agamemnon: Ethan Koerner Electra: Beth Knight
Polymestor: Chris Maust Chrysothemis: Kendra Triemstra
Polymestor's soldiers: Joe Eggebeen Old Man II: Marcus Roskamp
  Rob Haan Orestes: Jonathan Horlings
Polymestor's son: Charlie Hubbard    
Cassandra: Laura Dykstra    


Set Design: Eric Van Wyk Stage Manager: Laura Berkompas
Music Composition: Mark Jansen Assistant S.M.: Mallary Ooms
Costume Design: Sue Blom Technical Director: James Van Ry
Lighting Design: James Van Ry Box Office Manager: Cindy Nederhoff
Makeup Design: Rachel Eckardt Lighting Technician: Laura Berkompas
Poster Design: Nicole Vandenberg Sound Technician: Corey Kempers
Props: Erin Hauptli Running Crew: Erin Hauptli
      Mallary Ooms
    House Manager: Wesley Van Dyken




"Oh my child, my child,
So many sorrows...
How does evil grow?
Where is it born?
Or is it made, not born?
Can a good man
impart a sense of honor,
tenderness, compassion
to his children?"

Hecuba, Hecuba scene 36
"Justice cries for Justice
Hatred calls up hate
Murder must pay for murder
And death must follow sin"

Electra, Electra scene 58
"A common slave, a woman
So easy to destroy.
Poor men and women...
Human Happiness...
A shadow can destroy us.
When the bad times come
One dab from a wet sponge
Wipes it all out.
Pity that, not me."

Cassandra, Agamemnon scene 48



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