Jon Luetchens

Major: Agriculture Biotechnology

Elmwood-Murdock High School, Murdock, NE

Dordt College was simply everything I wanted in one package. I could play football, study agriculture, and develop relationships in a great, Christian community. You can't find that combination anywhere else; Dordt is the only small school I know of that sticks to its Christian perspective while offering a variety of majors. There is something for everyone here.

Jon Luetchens

The greatest aspect about Dordt is the ability to create lasting relationships. Not only have I made great football friends, but other students in my classes, my dorm, and even my teachers and advisors have been extremely fun to be around. Making new friends is no problem at Dordt.

The great variety of activities in a Christian community is what sets Dordt apart. You can do anything you want while being surrounded by great people. It doesn't get any better than that.

The curriculum at Dordt is very rigorous. While it would be easy to let your studies slide, Dordt demands exceptional school work and exceptional athletic work—you can't have one without the other. It's a tough process, but it helps you to mature and to become a more responsible person.

Coach is an honest, passionate, and demanding coach. He tells us the truth about adversity, and then he demands that we overcome it. However, what I like the most about him is his passion. His knowledge, love, and enthusiasm for the game are contagious; it pushes everyone to get better. If that's not enough, he truly cares for his players and makes sure that we are all doing okay in our personal lives. He is an all-around superior coach.