Jordan Huisman

Major: Business

Unity Christian High School, Orange City, IA

Dordt College appealed to me because it is a place where I could come to mature in my spiritual life, earn a high-quality education, and participate in highly competitive athletics.

Jordan Huisman

As soon as I arrived on campus, it was clear that the institution wanted to me to first develop as a Christian. Along with that, Dordt holds to their academic integrity policy; in order to participate in athletics, you need to put in the work in the classroom first.

When I was looking at schools, Dordt stood out as a place that cared about me. Now that I am here, I know that this is true. At Dordt, the professors and coaches go out of their way just to ask how life is going for you.

Unlike many schools, Dordt puts academics before athletics. Here you are student and then an athlete.

Every time Coach sees a player, he makes sure he at least asks how they are doing and if everything is going alright for them. As a player I know that I could go to Coach with anything, whether it is related to football or not at all, and he will genuinely care and try to help me out.