Reuben Faber

Major: Spanish Education

Calvin Christian High School, Escondido, CA

The rigorous and renowned academics definitely were a big deciding factor on my decision to come to Dordt. Their education program is one of the best in the United States, along with many other of the majors that Dordt offers.

Reuben Faber

Dordt has a great atmosphere of Christian community. When I came on my campus visit, I could tell that students felt comfortable around each other and weren't afraid to share their faith with each other.

The coaches and professors that I had met with on my campus visit took a genuine interest in getting to know me and were eager to help me out in any way they could—this made me feel like I was at home.

In my opinion, hands down the best part of Dordt College is the people that I have met here. My friends, professors, and people in the community are all extremely nice people who take a genuine interest in getting to know you as a person, not just another body on campus. I have made friendships that will last a lifetime and have met professors and mentors that I will never forget.

Prospective students might be uninterested in Dordt because Sioux Center seems like a small place on the map, but this means that everybody is always around on the weekends. At any given time, you can walk through the dorm hallways and the majority of the doors will be open with people hanging out inside who will welcome you in to do whatever—play video games, watch movies, or just relax.

Some people look at Dordt's demographics and immediately dismiss the college as a potential choice—they see the small enrollment size and think that they want a bigger college. But, the small size makes it possible for one to feel at home at Dordt because most of the people you see every day are familiar faces, and you don't feel like a number.

Our coaches are always stressing the importance of excelling in our studies along with our athletics. The coaches don't just care about our lives as they relate to football, but they also ask us questions about our classes and do whatever they can to help us succeed and thrive here at Dordt.

Coach is really fun to be around—whenever you see him, he will say something to you that will make your day. Coach pushes us to be the best player we can be.