Current Members

Dallas and Carol Apol
Roger and Mary Ahrenholz
Steve and Karen Ashmore
John and Beth Baas
Duane and Jan Bajema
Tim & Connie Bloemhof
Gord and Gert Blom
Jerry and Lavonne Boer
Jim and Sheryl Boogerd
Joe and Mary Bosma
Glenn and Barb Bouma
Loren and Gaylene Bouma
Ross and Angie Bouma
Bozz Agra Incorporated
Herm and Adelene Brenneman
Brian and Debra Broek
Henry and Karla Byl
Mark and Lisa Christians
Adam and Rachel Conway
Gene and Chery De Boer
Rod and Barb De Boer
Mike and Deb De Jong
Wayne and Becky De Jong
Phil and Bonnie De Stigter
Brad and Helen De Vries
Bernie and Kathy De Wit
Bob and Marcia Douma
Ross and Shawn Douma
Ryan and Lisa Drefus
Scott and Peggy Driesen
Rick and Sue Droog
Hank and Kathy Eekhoff
Henry and Judy Eekhoff
Ladelle and Joy Faber
Kevin Fopma
Eric and Kim Forseth
Junior and Elinor Gesink
Mike and Mary Grady
Lyle and Muriel Gritters
Chad and Karla Hanson
Grace Hartog
Matthew and Emily Hekman
Ken and Kim Hengeveld
Kyle and Traci Hiemstra
Erik and Barb Hoekstra
Steve and Rebecca Holwerda
Brandon and Erica Huisman
Darren and Ardene Huisman
Harlan and Nelva Huitink
Harry and Linda Huizenga
Kevin and Deb Hulstein
KDCR Radio
Derek and Brittany Keizer
Bill and Nancy Kingma
Arnold and Carolyn Koekkoek
Elmer and Karen Kooi
Brad and Kathy Kooima
Alvin and Alvina Kooiman
Rob and Pam Kroese
Stan and Marce Kroese

Brian and Nancy Kroeze
Steven and Laura Lewis
Brad and Joni Lindbergh
Mike and Jean Madden
DeeGene and Linda McMartin
Brian & Barb Mellema
Dr. Douglas and Jeannie Miedema
Eric and Rachel Moerman
Steve Mouw
Arlan and Cindy Nederhoff
Les and Bonnie Netjes
Catharina Nieuwkoop
Bob and Linda Oldenkamp
Keith and Carol Pollema
Roger and Donna Poppema
Bert and Kristi Reinders
Len and Lee Rhoda
Ralph and Jennie Roos
Jeff Saeger
Dave and Liz Schenk
Andy and Bethany Schuttinga
Dr. Donald and Marilyn Sievers
Brian and Jill Sipma
John and Sheryl Slegers
Norm and Sharon Snieder
Craig and Kristi Stiemsma
Mark and Emily Sybesma
Dale and Faiith Van Arendonk
Evan and Wanda Vanden Bosch
Dale and Amy Vander Berg
John and Amy Vander Haag
David and Linda Vander Pol
Warren and Pat Vander Pol
Delma Vander Schaaf
Leon and Sharla Vander Woude
Crystal Vander Zee
Greg and Lorilyn Van Dyke
Tom and Helen Van Dyke
Dave and Jill Van Essen
Quentin and Edy Van Essen
Dave Leanne Van Holland
Adrian and Darlene VanKempen
Chris Van Roekel
Marion and Jan Van Soelen
Dennis and Sheryl Van Voorst
Donald and Donna Vermeer
Greg and Sandy Ver Meer
Steve and Marla Ver Meer
Jaris and Renae Visscher
Dean and Roxanne Visser
Mickey and Sherry Visser
Scott Visser
Dr. Shanton and Sharon Visser
Brian and Lynette Vos
Gary Westra
Harry and Andrea Wierenga
Bethany Wilson
Howard and Vivian Wilson
Greg and Kelly Youngblood
Dale and Tammy Zevenbergen
Aaron and Jodi Zylstra