Current Members

Roger and Mary Ahrenholz
John and Beth Baas
Tim and Connie Bloemhof
Gord and Gert Blom
Jim and Sheryl Boogerd
Glenn and Barbara Bouma
Brian and Deb Broek
John and Susan Brouwer
Henry and Karla Byl
Adam and Rachel Conway
Rod and Barb De Boer
Bernie and Kathy De Wit
Robert and Marcia Douma
Ross and Shawn Douma
Rick and Sue Droog
Gabe and Dawn Eliserio
Dell and Joy Faber
George and Jo Faber
Russell and Sara Feekes|
Chad and Cathy Feenstra
Eric and Kim Forseth
Lyle and Marilynn Gritters
Joyce Groeneweg
Bob Grussing
Grace Hartog
Dwight C Hauff
Ken and Kim Hengeveld
Erik and Barb Hoekstra
Aaron and Kim Huizenga
Harry and Linda Huizenga
Kevin and Deb Hulstein
Derek and Brittany Keizer
Arnold and Carolyn Koekkoek
Duane and Rose Koele
Elmer and Karen Kooi
Brad and Kathy Kooima
Henry and Glenda Kraayenbrink


Jason Kroese
Rob and Pam Kroese
Will and Joyce Maas
Jason and Adria McCool
Les and Bonnie Netjes
Bob and Linda Oldenkamp
Len and Lee Rhoda
Ralph and Ginny Roos
Brian and Rhonda Rusler
Curtis and Marcia Sears
Jeff and Liza Schouten
Norm and Sharon Snieder
Ed and Kim Starkenburg
Craig and Kristi Stiemsma
Rick Terpstra
David and Jill Van Essen
Quentin and Edy Van Essen
David and Leanne Van Holland
Galen and Marlene Van Maanen
Chris Van Roekel
Curt and Jewel Van Voorst
Denny and Arla Van Zanten
Evan and Wanda Vanden Bosch
Delma Vander Schaaf
Don and Donna VerMeer
Scott Visser
Stanton and Sharon Visser
Don and Gertrude Vos
Daniel White
Harold and Andrea Wieringa
Howard and Vivian Wilson
Nathan and Lori Wolf
Kevin and Bonnie Wolterstorff
Greg and Kelly Youngblood